Cat Valentine.

Cat Valentine™

Daughter of the Pink Werecat

Age: 15

Killer Style:

I like to wear purple, pink, and red. I also like dolphins! I also like to wear my Jupiter boots! HaHa!

Freaky Flaw:

My last name Valentine and I’m pink! HaHa! I’m so funny!


My mom’s boss has a dog named Coober. My friend Frankie Stein asked what kind of dog it was. I answered with I don’t know, it has paws and a tail, maybe it’s a English Paw Tail! HaHa!

Fav Activity:


Biggest Pet Peeve:

My brother who goes to a different school, is always getting into trouble. He’s gone to jail Idk how many times.

Fav School Subject:

Acting Class.

Least Fav Subject:


Fav Color:

Red, pink, purple, blue, and white.

Fav Food:

Tacos Yay! Just so you know I love tacos, and i also like this british snack called bibble. I can;t have anymore, but it hurts so much!


Jackson Jekyll and Harmony Cook.

Cat is an exchange student from the human, she use to go to Hollywood arts academy. She is half pink werecat. she is very pretty and is also very popular.


Cat is even more sweeter than Avalon. Cat is very stupid, but do not tell her that, you might hurt her feelings, and she does NOT take criticism very well.

Physical DescriptionEditEdit

Cat has red hair, and she has a short pink tube top on, and jean caoris and she has high heels on. She has brown eyes, and she has a tail.

Classic MonsterEditEdit

.Cat is a pink werecat.



Cat is the Daughter of the human and werecat. She has a older brother who is a serious troublemaker.


According to Cat's bio she is friends with Jackson Jekyll and Harmony Cook..


her mom’s boss has a dog named Coober. Her friend Frankie Stein asked "what kind of dog it was."She answered with "I don’t know, it has paws and a tail, maybe it’s a English Paw Tail!"