Odette Swan

Odette Swan

Daughter of the Odile Black Swan

Age: 16

Killer Style:

I love to wear ballet tutus or something close to it. Also I wear pointe shoes most of the time, so even incredibly high heels are easy for me to wear.

Freaky Flaw:

I have big black wings instead of normal hands. They are not very useful unless they are for flying, but I keep hitting everything around me with them. It’s so embarrassing.


Grimmie. One day he will become a gorgeous swan, even if he doesn’t I will love him always..

Fav Activity:

Ballet and reading.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

Every monster thinks it’s his or her duty to ask what happen to my old name. But I keep telling everyone that I changed my name to Odette. By the way my old name was Odile II Swan, but I changed it to just Odette Swan.

Fav School Subject:

All. After many years of dancing class only, each subject is new to me.

Least Fav Subject:

Every subject has something interesting. So I would say there is no school subject I don’t like.

Fav Color:

Black and grey are nice.

Fav Food:

For some reason many think I should be in love with fish. Ha-ha, no thank you, I prefer Pop corn and corn cookies instead.


Epica Fly and Avalon Dragonflame..

Odette Swan is a Odile Black Swan princess, who loves to dance and do ballet.


Odettee is always very polite, and very royal, and she absolutly royal to her family and friends.

Physical DescriptionEditEdit

Odette has black hair, brown eyes, white skin, big black wings and i pretty dress and she has increadibly high heels on.

Classic MonsterEditEdit

Odette is a Odile Black Swan.



Odette is the Daughter of the Odile Black Swan.


According to Odette's bio, she has Epica Fly and Avalon Dragonflame.


Grimmie, a gorgueos baby swan.