Sphinnia Nix

Sarafina Nix

Daughter of the Sphinx

Age: 15

Killer Style:

I always wear my 423 necklace. Sort of a tribute to my roots. I’ve had monsters ask me what it means. I can’t believe that hardly anyone here knows the Riddle of the Sphinx.

Freaky Flaw:

I’m not a big fan of being totally submerged in water, so I don’t like swimming much. I also have a pretty short temper. Plus as much as I love it, my tail. If anyone touches or especially pulls on it, I totally spaz on them. I’ve already closed it in doors a million times, and that hurts. I hiss to when I am angry or hungry. ( I am a cat). Hairballs are a minor issue, too though I totally grew out of being unable to control it. I’m able to control it now. ( and I never told anyone this . . . but . . . I have a huge crush on Deuce Gordon!)


A cute little Jaguar named Chelsea.

Fav Activity:

I love gymnastics. I’m pretty quick and flexible, and as cliché as it is, I do always land on my feet.

Biggest Pet Peeve:

People who think I’m Egyptian. Cleo still will not talk to me. She says I’m in “Egyptian Denial” whatever . . .

Fav School Subject:

Physical Deaducation and History. My fav section is Ancient Greece, for Obvi reasons. Also Culinary Arts. I partner with Deuce a lot. He’s amazing!

Least Fav Subject:

Swimming. Cleo pushed me in the pool, and Mad Science, even if I do get to sit beside Deuce.

Fav Color:


Fav Food:

Deuce’s Greek Monster fusion is pretty good.


Deuce Gordon and Toralei Stripe.

Sarafina is a sphinx from Egypt, although she claims she is not Egyptian.

Physical DescriptionEditEdit

She light brown hair, brown fur, freckles, and a fabulous outfit., and a tail.

Classic MonsterEditEdit

Sarafina is a sphinx, a sphinx is a cross between human and a lion or a lion and a cat.



Sarafina is the Daughter of the Sphinx


Her friends are Deuce Gordon, and Toralei Stripe.


She has a Jaguar named Chelsea.


She is helplessy in love with Deuce Gordon.